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Mahesh Edible Oil Industries Limited

Corporate Office:

Block 53, F-l, U.Pee Tower, Sanjay Place, Agra-282002

Phone : 0562-4048400, 2520335

Fax : 0562-2520963

E-mail : info@maheshoil.com

Registered Office:

3/14-A, Jungpura-B, New Delhi-110014

Phone : 011-24370731

Website : www.salonioil.com

E-mail : meoil@maheshoil.com


Agra Road, Shamsabad (Agra)

Phone : 9557491115, 9557495552

Fax: 05612-253939

Email: factory@maheshoil.com


Baran Road, Village-Kethori, Distt. Kota (Raj.)

Phone : (0744) 2886337,2863324

Mob. : 09694089514

Fax: (0744) 2863325

Email: meoil.kota@maheshoil.com

Postal Address : 656 ,CAD Circle, Near State Bank of Patliala Kota (Raj.)324010

Mahesh Edible Agro Oil Industries Private Limited

127 & 128, Matsya Industrial Agea, Alwar, Rajasthan – 301030,
Phone – 0144-2980133

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