Every person should safeguard his religion

हर इन्सान को अपने धर्म कि रक्षा करनी चाहिए

By Mangal Pandey

Amazing facts about Mangal Pandey

  • 1. The Mangal Pandey revolt

During his office at the Bengal Infantry at Barrackpore, the British introduced a new type of cartridge which was, apparently, made of cow and pig fat. Now, both the Hindus and the Muslims couldn’t use the cartridge, as they had to tear it off with their teeth, for religious reasons. It was Pandey who led a group of Indian soldiers to refuse the use of the cartridge. Perhaps Pandey was actually able to understand the true motive of the British—to divide the country into Hindus and Muslims to ease their dominance. Although many people term his rebellion as a portrayal of his “Dharma” as a Bhumihar Brahmin, a lot of people see this as a genuine effort to stop the atrocities of the British.


Information gathers from “Mangal Pandey

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