Hair Benefits Of Mustard Oil

Hair Benefits of Mustard oil are immense and the myth that only coconut oil is good for hair has been busted long enough. Mustard oil contains beta-carotene which is excellent for hair growth when massaged into the scalp. It helps in regulating blood – circulation and has antibacterial properties which prevent scalp infections. Dermatologist Dr.Deepali Bhardwaj says, “Mustard oil or mustard seed paste when mixed with mustard oil when applied regularly on the scalp and roots of the hair, left overnight and washed off the next day can help in reducing hair loss a lot”. Saloni mustard oil is the best mustard oil for hair providing complete nourishment for the hair and has omega-3 fatty acids – which nourish your hair and encourage hair growth. Mustard oil also reduces premature hair graying and helps the hair to retain its dark and luscious color and thickness. Mustard oil also helps to get rid of Dandruff and itchy scalp.

How to Use Mustard Oil to Get Healthier Hair

How to Use Mustard Oil to Get Healthier Hair

Alright, hands up if there’s some sort of hair-related anxiety bothering you right now! There you go. From hair loss and split ends to frizzy hair, lifeless hair and dandruff, there’s no end to the complaints we hear and circulate on a daily basis. Start using the...

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