Health Benefits Of Mustard Oil

Mustard Oil has long been considered as one of the best edible oils for cooking, both for its unique pungent flavor which it imparts to any dish and also for many health benefits of mustard oil. There are many such recipes which taste best when cooked with mustard oil. But that is not all. It is believed to have miraculous properties and therefore is used as a home remedy to treat cold, boost immunity, encourage hair growth, and provide nourishment to the skin.  All renowned doctors and researchers have agreed alike that mustard oil is beneficial for the heart health, keeping hair and skin healthy and glowing as well as also very useful in treating bone and joint paints. Mustard oil nutrition facts show 60% monounsaturated fats (MUFA), 21% polyunsaturated fats (PUFA), and 12% saturated fats. These fatty acids are considered ‘good fats’ as they do not get deposited on the arterial walls and are required by our body. Thus it is good for the heart, lightens skin, helps in hair growth, prevents premature graying of hair, helps treat cough and cold, bone joint pain etc.

Breaking the Myths about Refined Oils

In recent times, we are faced with endless choices about which cooking oil is healthiest to use for cooking, which is healthy for the body and which is not. The shelves of all the supermarkets are filled with options all advertising their health benefits...

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Mustard Oil: Health Benefits and Uses

Helps fight off harmful bacteria Mustard essential oil has been found to be a powerful antibacterial agent. One study found that mustard essential oil effectively killed off common and harmful bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella, staph, listeria, and even a certain...

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Benefits of Mustard Powder

Mustard powder is finely ground mustard seed, which comes from three species of mustard plants, including yellow mustard, brown mustard and black mustard. Mustard powder contains the same nutrients that are found in the whole mustard seed and has several nutritional...

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4 Health benefit of mustard oil

Mustard, an annual in the cabbage family, produces tiny black seeds with a pungent quality. The black mustard plant is native to southern Europe, while the brown mustard plant originated in Asia. Mustard seed oil is used for cooking in some cuisines, notably Indian,...

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