Alright, hands up if there’s some sort of hair-related anxiety bothering you right now! There you go. From hair loss and split ends to frizzy hair, lifeless hair and dandruff, there’s no end to the complaints we hear and circulate on a daily basis.

Start using the mustard oil regularly and make your hair healthier. Follow the procedure.

  1. Mildly heat a small quantity of mustard oil
  2. Part your hair in the center and apply the oil from the roots all the way to the tips
  3. Gently massage the oil into the scalp for as long as you wish
  4. Leave it on at least for a couple of hours
  5. If your hair is very dry, mustard oil works as an excellent conditioner, so it would be safe to leave it on your hair even overnight
  6. You’d want to wear a shower cap or tie your hair in a turban before you go to sleep though, to prevent pillow stains
  7. Wash off thoroughly in the morning with a hair-nourishing shampoo.
  8. Repeat twice a week for best results

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