Non-Veg Food Recipes

The Eastern and North Eastern part of India are the places Bengalis inhabit the most. They swear by Mustard oil and you will not find a single home where Mustard oil is not used for cooking any Bengali authentic Food recipe. Especially when cooking non-veg food, using Mustard oil is a must for them. The succulent fish recipes or the mouth-watering meat recipes. Even non-veg add-ons are cooked using mustard oil. It is an established fact that the taste which mustard oil brings in non-veg food recipes, none other edible oil can. The pungency of the oil is what makes the taste of the food so unique and to die for time immemorial.

Mutton biryani

Mutton biryani is my husband's favorite dish, whenever he is angry I make biryani and one spoon of biryani melts his anger and change it into more and more love for me Category: Appetizer Duration: 45 mins Serving: 4 INGREDIENTS Ingredients: 1/2 - kg mutton 1/2 kg...

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Chicken Kosha

Chicken kosha is a typical Bengali food, either chicken or mutton is a must in the dinner menu for a Bengali. The term kosha is derived from the fact that the dish has very thick gravy where the chicken pieces are slow-cooked with other spices. It goes well with...

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Cauliflower and Prawn

This recipe has cauliflower which is now available cheap on the market. Together with prawns, it tastes delicious and if it is cooked in Saloni Mustard Oil, what more can I ask for. Cauliflower and prawn is the yum recipe Category: Dinner Duration: 20 mins Serving: 4...

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Green Fish Recipe

In the green fish recipe, I have used a paste of green peas to make the gravy. The rich green color of the dish will sure to delight your soul and taste buds. Category: Dinner Duration: 25 mins Serving: 4 INGREDIENTS Ingredients: Fish - 5 to 6 pieces ( rohu or bhetki)...

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Aloo Chicken

Aloo chicken is one of my favorite chicken dishes, especially when Aloo chicken has prepared with mustard oil it becomes a more mouth-watering dish. I choose this because it is my favorite and also it keeps us warm during winters. Category: Dinner Duration: 40mins...

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Spicy Orange Chicken

Orange gives a nice sweet and sour to the dish Spicy Orange chicken. When added to the chicken recipe, the taste got increased manifolds. It became tangy. We can increase the taste of chicken when it is prepared by orange. Category: Dinner Duration: 40mins Serving: 4...

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Almond crusted tilapia

Tilapia is indigenous to the sea of Galilee. It remains the best fish I have ever put in my mouth, absolutely beyond restaurant quality. The freshness of this recipe make you mouth watering. Serving: 8, Duration:30min INGREDIENTS 2 eggs 1 teaspoon lemon pepper 1...

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Simple Indian Fish Curry – Mom’s Recipe

Fish is one of the favorite sea foods at home and most times it is the fish fry or the pepper fish that is made as they are quick to make. Food curry is one the simplest home recipe in Kolkata and other coastal region. Today we make Simple fish curry with mom's taste....

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Scrambled Egg Puttu

We can make a lot of varieties in puttu with different stuffing.Here im gonna share a puttu that made with rice flour and scrambled egg.I tried it first time and it came out quite well. this is a very tasty dish and can be easily prepared. Serving: 2 Duration:10min...

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