Till today you’ve seen our loyalty, now you’ll see our anger

आज तक आपने हमारी वफादारी देखि थी, अब हमारा क्रोध देखिये

By Mangal Pandey

Amazing facts about Mangal Pandey

  • 1. Aware of British conspiracy

Well, he kept his promise, and fired at Lieutenant Baugh. Although he missed his shot, Pandey was able to overpower the Lieutenant with a sword—so much was the zeal that, it is said, the Lieutenant and Major Hudson had to run back to save their arses. It was essentially Mangal Pandey’s efforts that spread the Sepoy Mutiny from Barrackpore to Meerut, Delhi, Cawnpore and Lucknow.


Information gathers from “Mangal Pandey

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